A Medieval Animal Coloring Book

Available for purchase 2022!

A coloring book of beautifully illustrated, unique and charming anthropomorphized animals wearing imaginative medieval-style clothing.

  • Suitable for all ages from kids to adults.
  • Printed on thick, high quality paper - perfect for markers, crayons, inks or colored pencils.
  • Over 40 pages of characters to color including such traditional favorites as the blacksmith, bards, castle guards, noble folks, and servants. Meet the Characters
  • Animals include common domesticated types such as cats and rabbits, as well as exotic wild types such tigers and crocodiles.
  • Reminiscent of beloved childhood tales of adventure and fantastical characters!

About the Book

Fur, Feathers & Frocks is currently under development and will be available for purchase in 2022. To see updates of the artwork in progress, visit the links below.

About the Creator

Fur, Feathers & Frocks is created and illustrated by Sabine Deviche, an independent graphics specialist with over 14 years of professional experience in illustration and graphic design layout.

To learn more about her and see more examples of her work, visit Deviche Designs.

Meet the Characters!

Visit the link below to see previews and descriptions of the characters that appear in the book.

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