A Medieval Animal Coloring Book

Meet the Characters

Below is an introduction to the 30 characters that appear in Fur, Feathers & Frocks.

Medieval animal character: bull
Bull Noble

This finely dressed noble bull is one of the court's best defense lawyers. Always cool-headed, aided by a book of the law and a handful of credible witnesses, he's ready to prove his client's innocence!

Medieval animal character: bear
Bear Noble

This richly dressed noble loves the drama of court and is always up for a lively debate! Backed by indisputable facts and outstanding logic, this smooth-talking bear makes some undeniably good points.

Medieval animal character: cat
Cat Bard (Flutist)

This friendly cat is a local town bard, much adored by all who know her. A few notes from her flute is all it takes to captivate an audience, and can liven up even the dreariest of evenings.

Medieval animal character: rabbit
Rabbit Guard

With keen hearing and an excellent sense of smell, rabbits make the best lookouts on ground patrol! An intruder would need to be very sly and stealthy indeed to sneak by this castle guard unobserved.

Medieval animal character: bird
Bird Noble

This fancy noble bird just loves compliments! Tell him something nice, then watch his eyes light up with joy and a proud smile of delight beam across his face.

Medieval animal character: guinea pig
Guinea Pig Maids

Want to hear the latest castle news? No one knows more than these chatty guinea pig maids! They can't wait to share the juiciest rumors they’ve discovered. But, they also both know when to keep a secret.

Medieval animal character: crocodile
Crocodile Bard (Lutist)

A handsome crocodile bard lounges the day away singing soft melodic tales of epic adventures from long ago! Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by this charming lutist?

Medieval animal character: tiger
Tiger Climber

A clever climber must make use of many tools to be aware of their surroundings and to see what dangers lay ahead. Silent as a shadow, this tiger patiently waits for the right moment to move to avoid being spotted.

Medieval animal character: dog
Dog Bard (Harpist)

A musician delights in his craft. This dog bard plucks the strings of his harp with deft fingers and a happy heart composing a joyful melody.

Medieval animal character: raccoon
Raccoon Noble

This lovely raccoon noble revels in the attention of the fine lords and ladies of court that surround her! But beneath her demurred charm, a keen mind carefully notes the follies and graces of her company, considering how she might capture the attention (and heart) of a prince.

Medieval animal character: goat
Goat Cook

The dedicated goat chef oversees all of the kitchen staff and coordinates all of the castle meals. With decades of experience perfecting the craft, he never fails to deliver the perfect meal for the occasion, beautifully presented and fit for a queen!

Medieval animal character: boar
Boar Blacksmith

This boar blacksmith is highly regarded throughout the kingdom for the exquisite blades he creates - each uniquely crafted for it’s owner’s specific style and strengths. He patiently labors over each step, knowing a finely honed edge can be the difference between life and death.

Medieval animal character: weasel
Weasel Sculptor

With dexterity and perseverance, bit by bit and chip by chip, this weasel sculptor brings the shapes he sees in his imagination into graceful solid stone.

Medieval animal character: wolf
Wolf Servant

In the middle of the night, this uneasy wolf servant thought he heard a noise coming from an empty wing of the castle. Intruders, ghosts, the wind, or just his imagination - what could it be? Armed with a fire poker and a candle, he reluctantly ventures out of his quarters to investigate.

Medieval animal character: crow
Crow Swordsman

Swift as lightning and as graceful as a flowing stream, this clever crow fighter is one of the kingdom’s fiercest and most skilled swordsmen. Rumor has it he’s never been defeated in a one-on-one duel, though many brave (or foolish?) opponents have tried!

Medieval animal character: fox
Fox Waiter

This fancy fox waiter knows that enjoying a meal encompasses more than just the food. He deftly delivers the orders on beautifully arranged platters with a charming word and winning smile, in hopes of gaining courtly favor... or just and higher tips!

Medieval animal character: mouse
Mouse Treasure Hunter

Armed with a mysterious map and a backpack full of camping gear, this brave little mouse heads fearlessly into unknown lands in search of treasure and adventure!

Medieval animal character: squirrel
Squirrel Courier

This nimble squirrel courier makes haste to deliver the messages she’s been entrusted with. Through rain or snow, behind enemy lines, throughout the city, or to royalty deep inside the castle - your message will be delivered!

Medieval animal character: reindeer
Reindeer Noble

A portrait of elegance and grace, this noble reindeer lady takes a break from the hustle and bustle of court to enjoy a quiet moment of solitude embroidering in the gardens.

Medieval animal character: songbird
Bird Song Vendor

A songbird plant vendor prepares for the busy market day ahead, carefully arranging her baskets to best display the variety of goods for sale: seeds and tree sprouts for the garden and flowers, for your sweetheart!

Medieval animal character: possum
Possum Fighter

A mysterious possum warrior from a faraway land on a quest to challenge and train with all the best fighters from around the world. A confident grin hides a calculating mind as she analyzes her opponent’s fighting style looking for strength and weaknesses.

Medieval animal character: dog
Dog Swordsman

Dignified and poised, this dog swordsman has the honor of being one of the queen’s personal bodyguards. Her majesty feels safe knowing she’s well protected with her loyal guardian at her side.

Medieval animal character: red panda
Red Panda Fighter

A red panda traveler searching for work as a bodyguard for hire. No questions asked and no mission too dangerous... if the price is right. Light footed and fearless, they won’t hesitate to show off their skills with knives if trouble appears.

Medieval animal character: lizard
Lizard Tailor

A lizard tailor is hard at work making beautiful gowns for nobles and royalty of court, each color chosen and each stitch placed with meticulous care. She dreams of walking through the palace wearing such exquisite clothes herself, someday.

Medieval animal character: owl
Owl Painter

An owl painter is deeply immersed in his art, adding bold strokes to the canvas rushing to capture the image in his imagination before it fades away.

Medieval animal character: dog
Dog Dancer

With a gracious and inviting smile, this amicable dog dancer melts the hearts of even the most reluctant spectators and draws them out onto the dance floor. Before long, the entire crowd is dancing and clapping along to the music.

Medieval animal character: iguana lizard
Iguana Poet

This iguana lizard writer strolls the cobblestone city street with a quill and paper in hand, carefully contemplating his words, seeking inspiration for his next great epic poem.

Medieval animal character: sheep
Sheep Market Shopper

A sheep market shopper makes the long journey down from her village in the mountains to pick up some rare goods and fresh herbs from the big city.

Medieval animal character: frog
Frog Bard (Tambourine)

The frog bard tambourine player picks up his instrument and surveys the crowd. He starts with a slow rhythm that’s the backbone of the song, then gradually picks up speed and adds complexity as other instruments join the music.

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